World on a Wire- On the street with Esther Boesche

      ON THE STREET WITH ESTHER BOESCHE by Bernard Yenelois Link Photographs of New York City are followed by the specters of that which was done before.  The post-WWII boom of street photography in NYC, so common and so extraordinary … Read More

Breaking Glass – Mother Muse Collective Interview with Esther Boesche LINK Though my work has very often been described as a female protest or even as photography from a fresh female perspective, I would never describe myself in this way. What is considered … Read More

Solo Exhibition at Roots Cafe Park Slope

  American Summer – Solo Exhibition Roots Cafe Park Slope January 01- January 31st 2023 639 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 Not only America, but the whole world is currently going through a lot of turmoil and social change. It seems like … Read More